About Us


Ritual is a tantric and sensual massage spa unique and exclusive in Porto. In Ritual we are passionate about what we do.

Our massages are of superior quality and excellent service. A world of luxury and sensuality, oriented towards men, women and couples. In this space, endowed with fabulous rooms, our treatments are provided in tatami mats, with the desire to provide moments of extreme sensuality and deep relaxation.

Here the quiet sounds guide the meeting between different environments of serenity and comfort, designed to provide you with a unique experience of well-being. In a unique space in Porto, with a privileged location, side by side with the Boavista roundabout, this space was designed with the aim of making you momentarily forget reality and regain physical, mental, spiritual and emotional balance. In the Ritual we approach the human body according to the holistic concept that sees it as a whole and not in parts, being a union and balance between physical, mind, spirit and emotions.

Our massages are much more than simple massages. These are sensory trips, unforgettable experiences.

We give priority to the exclusivity and relaxation that our customers deserve.

We guarantee you the perfect environment so that during your massage you can forget everything around you and have a moment of your own.

Relax, enjoy, allow yourself. Enjoy and dedicate love to yourself.

We are waiting for you!

Our goal:

“The best for you!”
Take care of yourself, or better yet,

let us take care of YOU!